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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Faith Baldwin

Do you know what I love, love, love about the internet? When I can learn something new. Today I visited Dewena's Window, a favorite blog of mine. She had on a quote from Faith Baldwin that sung to my heart.

"I have grown to enjoy a bad day, even with thick snow and zero temperatures,
if I am indoors.

It is satisfying to sit by a window, nursing a cup of tea,
hearing the fire snap on the hearth,
and watching the wild-white world outside,
kept at bay by good walls and insulation...

The winter weather is conducive to hard work;
I don't want to go anywhere,
and seldom can.

The cupboard is stocked, and the freezer.

So I stay home and work."

Faith Baldwin

I had never heard of Faith Baldwin so I googled her and this is what I found.

Faith Baldwin


in New Rochelle, New York, The United States
October 01, 1893

March 18, 1978


Faith Baldwin attended private academies and finishing schools, and in 1914-16 she lived in Dresden, Germany. She married Hugh H. Cuthrell in 1920, and the next year she published her first novel, Mavis of Green Hill. Although she often claimed she did not care for authorship, her steady stream of books belies that claim; over the next 56 years she published more than 85 books, more than 60 of them novels with such titles as Those Difficult Years (1925), The Office Wife (1930), Babs and Mary Lou (1931), District Nurse (1932), Manhattan Nights (1937), and He Married a Doctor (1944). Her last completed novel, Adam's Eden, appeared in 1977.

She was a little before my time but I like her quotes...


  1. I think Gladys Taber spoke of her. Perhaps they were friends and visited....?

    Do you know Gladys Taber?

    1. Yes, I learned about her from Dewena too. I love to read her simplistic essays. so down to earth.

  2. Faith Baldwin was a favorite of my mother and grandmother. We had many of her books. She was also a close friend of Gladys Tabor who was a great favorite at our house when I was growing up. People are discovering Tabor again. She (Tabor)is often mentioned on Susan Branch's Heart of the Home blog. Her books are very collectible.

  3. How nice to find this! I'm so glad you researched Faith Baldwin. She inspires me but oddly enough I only have one of her novels but all of her non-fiction journal type books. I know I read some of her novels when I was young and I keep meaning to read more now. And it was Gladys who made me curious about Baldwin as they were friends for so long.

    Thanks for this, Peggy!


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