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Saturday, January 14, 2017

52 Moments

The prompt for this week's 52 Moments is ...me. There was a time when I would have been too embarrassed to put my picture out there for everyone to see. Why is it that we are our own worst critics? We can always find a flaw in our appearance. Then I took an online photo class in self portraits and realized that it is not vain to look at your own image. And at this stage of my life I have accepted what I look like and am satisfied. I chose this photo because I think it shows the more playful side of me. I love scarves and jewelry, zydeco music, thinking movies and traveling.



  1. wonderful! in message AND vision! xo

  2. Love this photo of you, Peggy! It does show your playful side and how you embrace life. I need an online class in self portraits, because I'm always the one taking the photos and am rarely in them! If you want to see a thinking movie, I heartily recommend "Hidden Figures." It wowed me!


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