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Thursday, January 12, 2017



What a miserable wet day it is. I took this photo this morning of the duck pond where the water filled the pond, spilled over and was almost covering the road. If it does there will not be a way for people to get to town at all. The creeks were muddy and overflowing their banks at nine this morning. I can’t imagine how they are now since it has rained almost all day. I have to go out for my art lesson at three so I hope that I can get back home again. I do have an alternate route if the road becomes blocked because I live east of the duck pond.

  I had an enjoyable visit today with my friend Bonnie. We laughed and talked and I helped her start a blog. Being a teacher I love to pass on information and she was delighted to begin a blog and record her thoughts and pictures.



  1. I absolutely LOVE these pictures.
    we're awaiting a 3 day ice storm that begins tomorrow.
    yesterday it was 79 degrees here. a record breaker set in 1911.
    talk about weird weather becoming the norm now!
    good luck in getting back home!

    1. I agree. The weather has been crazy. At least you have those hot days to balance out the cold. we don't get that here. The rain has melted away some of the snow. When are you going to blog again? I sure miss it. hugs, Peg

  2. Burrrr! What evocative photos! Since I'm working backwards, I know you made it home okay!


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