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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What is on your wall?

The photo prompt for today is “a wall”. To me a wall just calls out to be filled with something. I am NOT a minimalist! (understatement of the year). So I love to have something pretty to look at on a wall. My favorite wall of all in my home is this one.


When we bought this house in 1973 this little room was used as a small tv room. It is brick because it used to be part of the outside of the house. Eventually someone closed in this small room with a sliding glass door. We used it at first to house our player piano then later our small hot tub. It was ideal for that because it had a cement floor with indoor outdoor carpeting. Then in 2006 we added our sunroom on to the back of the house. Then having a hot tub in a center room seemed strange. Add to that we didn’t use that hot tub all that much. So we sold it and turned this room into our office. I found beautiful furniture from Sauder (although putting it together was a pain for Don). The white dresser I painted with the leaves was already there and fit in well with the office furniture. I love that small piece because it has a double file drawer in the bottom. IMG_6894

This has given me a place for all my supplies and books. I am in this room a lot. I love that the brick gives it extra charm. 


  1. It's nice to meet you. I came over from Knee Deep in Dandelions....Your room is warm and cozy and I love the brick walls and wood ceilings...Perfect place to spend time....

  2. What a lovely space, Peggy! Lots of red in this room! The juxtaposition of the red flowers against the painted flowers is striking!


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