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Friday, January 06, 2017




Have you ever been asked to do something that you knew was beyond your capabilities? That you felt was totally foreign? That was so confusing to you it made your head hurt? That happened to me today. Our son Chris bought us a new flat screen tv for Christmas for our sunroom. Our old tube tv was huge, weighed 230 pounds, and took up a lot of space. And there was the problem of how to get rid of a huge , out of date tv even if it was in perfect working order. No one would want that big tv. I did try to donate it to the YMCA but they didn't want it. So I called Get Junk and a fellow came out this morning. I had told him that it would take two men to carry it but he picked it right up and out the door he went. I was so happy to see it go and we immediately set up our new one. Well...not immediately. First I had to disconnect the Wii which we used to play our Netflix. Then I had to disconnect the old XM house radio that we haven't used for years. Then I had to figure out what all that a electronic spaghetti behind the stand. Then it was time to set it up. Here is where I faltered. When it comes to electronics I am an idiot. I'm just being truthful. I can figure out computer programs but wires just stump me. So I called me son and he had to walk me through it. It took many calls and sending photos back and forth but we finally made it. I'm so grateful I have him but wouldn't it have nice if he lived in the same town and just could have come over and done it in person for me? But despite my reticence and lack of confidence I was able to do what I thought I couldn't. I didn't like doing it, wish I didn't have to do it and hope to never do it again but I did it. And we love the new screen...so clear!



  1. Peggy, I am cracking up laughing at this post! Because I have experienced the exact same thing! When my son gave us a new computer desk and we had to unhook the "spaghetti" and then reconnect everything, I thought I might do crazy! We used masking tape and I labeled everything and tried to keep it all straight. It took us 4 hours and several phone calls/pictures to our son! So happy for you that you have the new TV - and it was worth the effort in the long run!

  2. We have a cousin who always says, "It was easier when we all lived on the same street."

  3. i think of myself as a reasonably intelligent person. but when it comes to ANYTHING technical...
    it becomes like the proverbial math problem for me. i am doomed even before i begin!
    it is so bad that when i worked... and had to use the copy machine (do they even still have those?)
    i would walk into the copy room and i swear... i could hear that machine say ...
    "oh. it's HER. i'm not going to work now."
    and it didn't! it became an office phenomenon! i had to always have someone come and unjam it or something.
    and all those ridiculous WIRES. i resent them and they know it. i grew up with one wire you plugged into the wall! LOL!

  4. I don't like techie stuff!!

  5. I was laughing as I read this post, because I've so been there. Yes, it would have been nice to have your son close by to solve the problem, but I think it's way better that you got it done yourself! Way to go! Of course, I know it would be nice to have your son close by, period! Have a good one my friend!


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