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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Technology is the photo prompt for today. Can you imagine your life now without a computer? Those of us who grew up with paper and pencil and an old manual typewriter know how far things have come. It is a new age and some of the people my age didn’t change along with it. I was lucky to be in the education field where I had access to training and using a computer every day.  But still I had to do a lot of work to keep up.

  The computer..and ipad..are my lifelines. They have opened up a whole new world for me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t check my email or look at some things on Facebook. But it goes beyond that. I always check my favorite bloggers to see what they are up to. For someone that likes constant intellectual stimulation the web is my playground.

   The greatest things about the web in my eyes is the access to information. Now anyone in the world with a computer has the ability to learn. Education is at your fingertips if you will only take advantage of it. There are online courses in just about every subject. And if you want to know how to do something just find a YouTube video. There have been many times when I just “googled” it.


But that leaves me wondering. Since information is at your fingertips (and it probably will be actually at our fingers as nano technology reduces the size of the chips) will there be a need to “know” information?  Will there be memorization anymore? Will we phase out learning and testing to see if the information is retained? Or will we depend on our devices? And if we do what will happen to civilization if the devices no longer work? Will we be thrown back into the Dark Ages? How will this information age play out?


  1. it will be very interesting indeed!
    the world now is changing at nano seconds speed. I also was fortunate in having to use a computer at my work.
    so I became very comfortable with a lot of it. we had an extremely complicated program we had to use. but even now...
    I am not comfortable when something 'goes wrong!'
    I do think people coming up will not have to memorize anything. they will simply know how to access the info they want!
    like you... not so sure that's a good thing.
    I always think i'll make it worse!

    1. LOL! see that line "i always think i'll make it worse" ...
      THAT of course should follow 'goes wrong.' LOLOL!!! sums up my knowledge perfectly. LOL!

  2. I feel so badly for my friends and family who will not (they actually refuse and get mad) take advantage of the computer. My computer so enriched my life with the startling discovery that I was a writer, educating me on world and national news and u tubes video on things as frivolous as how to put on eye liner. texting the children who do not use the phone or e mail, my beautiful rose gold I phone keeps me in touch with them, and my Kindall which puts the internet at my fingertips when the computer is at my desk.

  3. I am grateful for the technology we have today (as long as it's working!!!). It's opened the world up to knowledge and education. I'm even supplementing my line dancing classes with lessons on You Tube, and one goal I have for the year is to learn as much as I can about my iPhone, especially its potential as a camera. I love that you are always learning and pushing yourself, Peggy. When I was teaching, I found ways to work memorization into the curriculum ~ like having my class do a choral reading of "In Flanders Fields" for our Veterans Day Assembly, or acting in plays, or learning to recite poems after reading them "Anne of Green Gables", and yes, I made them memorize the dreaded math facts for their basic arithmetic work. Old-fashioned, I know, but I believed in it and too bad if you landed in my class! Haha, you were going to do it! Have a good one!

  4. As in all things, it seems finding a balance is the key. I LOVE the access to information that the internet affords. Growing up, we had a set of World Book Encyclopedias and I went to these regularly for information and answers. And, now when I have question, the answer is at my fingertips! I love being well-informed, learning and making connections - all possible because of technology. But I also still memorize lines of poetry, write handwritten letters, and print my photographs. We live in a glorious time!


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