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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sadie update


She knew something was up the minute Don got up first and way ahead of his schedule. We had to be on the road to Buffalo by seven for a nine o’clock appointment. Warily she eyed us as we got ready for the morning. She knew something was happening but because there were no suitcases involved and we didn’t pack her bag she wasn’t sure that she was included in the plans. She was happy when we took her bed and put it in the backseat of our car and plopped her in it.

  There was a prediction of bad weather but we encountered fairly dry roads all the way to Orchard Park. After weighing her in (she had lost weight, which was the goal) Dr. Brummer did an exam and talked to us. He was very concerned that she had gone downhill since he had last seen her in March of last year. Another vet there had seen her since. He was concerned about her front wrists which have turned out significantly since her surgery and carrying so much weight on them. He feels she is not walking because of this problem. He is thinking that later we should draw fluid from those joints to assess and possible her having surgery later on on the wrists.  He drew blood and took a urine sample and will call us later to let us know the results so we can form a plan of action. He suspects the Lupus as the culprit of her problems and wants to get that under control.  He is thinking about putting her back on steroids which I am in favor of because it will make her feel better. I don’t feel we have solved any problems and I still have questions but we will wait for the test results.

   The photo prompt for today is animal and in the above picture I can feel the frustration that she has laying day after day just looking out the window.


  1. Ohhhhhh!! Poor Sadie...she also knows something is wrong with her...My heart just aches for her...I have faith in the Orchard Park Vets...they finally decided it when others can't....they have all the modern ed necessities to help them find it. Stay strong Peggy and Don! Love you!!

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Poor baby girl...Perhaps there will be a plan of action now to address these issues. Maybe the steroids will get the ball rolling enabling her to move more. Joan

  3. my heart came right up into my throat when I saw her picture.
    oh peggy.
    our little girl. I know she is yours. but I feel such love for her. she is such a patient little warrior.
    I pray she will get better from their care. she has to. to know the pain she must be in is so hard.
    I hope the steroids help.
    my love and hugs to you all three. xoxo♥

  4. Oh poor, dear Sadie! This must be so difficult for her and for you and Don! What a powerful photo you took, Peggy, so full of emotion. I hope that she will feel better soon!


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