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Friday, January 20, 2017



Red is not a color that I use in my decor very often. So it is a change to have it out at Christmastime. This arrangement has berries and florals from Jan Williams florist in Fredericksburg. We are so unhappy that Jan is closing up her shop after all these years. We stop there every time I’m in town and buy a little something each time. I bought the artichoke urn this time from her.


Another spot of red is in the amaryllis that I have in the long box sitting on the table in front of the sunroom window.

And one last dash of red…the windowpane checked placemats that I am using as a table runner.

IMG_6904I am enjoying this pop of color on these dreary days. We don’t have snow but we also don’t have sun and it is rainy. Do you use red in your house?

Today was busy. I went to Dr. Kinkartz about the bursitis in my hip. First I needed xrays since it has been a year since I was there with the same thing last year. My hips and lower back were xrayed and as I suspected there was bursitis in both hips. Now I will go to therapy and if it works as well as last time I will be out of pain quickly.

  Afterwards I just stayed up at the hospital and waited for our Literary Club luncheon. The speaker today talked about Advanced Directives. She was very knowledgeable and a great story teller and emphasized the need to have your will known to save your family grief when emergencies or end of life happens. My next doctor appoint will be soon and I am going to get one in place. 


  1. yes! I have touches of red. I love it through the winter time!
    and with your black and white checked curtains it's especially beautiful! xo
    good luck with your therapy. I wish little Sadie could have as an effective therapy as yours! love to you both! XO

  2. I love your splashes of red, Peggy! You have a special talent for making everything around you look beautiful! We've been in the process of setting up Advanced Directives too. We'll be finishing all the paperwork up when we get home. I hope that your bursitis improved quickly! Have a lovely Sunday@


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