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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ice Skating

Do you remember ice skating as a child? If you lived in the north this may be a fond memory for you. It is for me. Getting a pair of ice skates from your dad was a very exciting thing. We had a cement patio out in the back of our house and he bought a plastic liner and plastic sides to make our own little skating rink. It really wasn't very big but to us it was the world. When I was a kid we spent all our time out of doors, even in the winter. We dressed for the cold and wouldn't come back in until the snow filled out boots and snow was down our necks. We would make snow forts and throw snowballs and see who could make the tallest snowman. It's funny now that I rarely see a snowman in a front yard. I never see the kids out sledding. Our town has an indoor ice skating rink so I'm sure the kids go there. I wonder if they even buy snow pants anymore. Things sure have changed since I was a kid.



  1. I remember! snow suits and mittens then drying by the fire until the next magical time we could go "back out!"
    and the ice skating... yes! I remember under the christmas tree... a beautiful new white pair that came in their own little suitcase style carrier.
    of course I never used it. you knotted the laces together and swung them around your neck. LOL.
    thanks for the memories. xo
    hug our little Sadie girl for me.

  2. I never had the opportunity to ice skate...but roller skating I did plenty of in Texas...

  3. It's sad to think that kids aren't playing outside as much in the winter these days. Your post reminded me of many happy times outdoor doing the activities you described, Peggy!

  4. I never ice skated much, but we sledded as much as possible. When my daughter was younger she like to sled, being a teenager now she doesn't go out much. But I do think kids are staying inside more in front of a computer, phone or television rather than getting out and breathing some fresh air. I haven't made a snowman in years. I think I might have to do that if we get enough snow...it sounds like fun. :)


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