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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sadie Update

We took Sadie up to the Orchard Park Medical Center for an appointment on Tuesday. As you know Sadie is not doing well. After her surgery she has never been able to put weight on her leg. But also she stopped using her better leg in the back which has an ACL tear and dislocated kneecap. Because she put so much weight onto her front legs her wrists bowed out and were swollen. She had a blood and urine analysis and Dr. Brummer called me last night with the results. Her urine was fine but the lupus test indicated that it is much worse than the last time she was tested. We were going back up for a joint tap on Thursday but he decided to put her on a high dose of steroids and we will see him in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that this will make her feel better. It is so hard to see her not walking at all. She sits wherever we put her and doesn’t move until we pick her up again. She does love her water therapy which we are doing every other day to keep her muscles from atrophying. It is so hard to see her like this when she used to be so active. Hopefully this treatment will help.



  1. it simply breaks my heart. that little face says it all.
    my love to you and my beloved Sadie. ♥

  2. Poor baby! I'm sorry that little Sadie has been going through such a rough time. I think it's encouraging to hear that she loves her water therapy. I hope the steroids help!

  3. Tears in my eyes, my heart is hurting...Please hug Sadie for me...I do love her dearly...❤️


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