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Friday, January 13, 2017

Now we’re into January

Isn’t January the craziest month? After the hubbub of the time between Thanksgiving and New Years you find yourself in January. Things slow down…somewhat. The weather this morning was minus one. That means that travel isn’t the best idea and staying in has more appeal. And staying in means that you have more time to devote to things you want to do. I bounce between wanting to sit cuddled up in a blanket and read to jumping into a cleaning/organizing project. I hope that I can find time to do both.

birds 3

Reading: I stopped at the library and got a few random new books. I’m looking for something really good so if you have a recommendation be sure to let me know.  I just finished Dark Matter which was a sci fi book about all the universes that could be created if you made a different decision.


Writing: Still keeping up with my blog and thinking about getting busy and finish putting my blog into book form.


Watching: My new Thursday night shows are beginning to come back on tv. And football playoffs.


Needing:  To get back diligently on my Weight Watchers program. Just gained a little over the holidays and this would be the perfect time to get it off. Spring will eventually be here and it would be nice to be lighter.


Creating: New spaces. I got rid of a tv in the entertainment center and this left a nice hole which I can use to store items.


Learning: I just joined a group on Facebook called 52 Moments where each week you take a picture from their prompt.

Planning: Trying to find a nice European trip. Our favorite Fredericksburg florist is planning a summer trip to London for a flower show, garden viewing and castle visiting.


Loving: Getting my house back in order after the Christmas chaos.


Dreaming about: going out this summer and painting en plein air.


Wearing: It’s all about the sweaters now and warm slippers.


Coveting: a new winter coat…but I want to wait till next year and a smaller size (hopefully).


Working for me right now: Tracking my points on the WW app.


  1. You are bursting with plans, Peggy! You will never be boring or old because you are always learning and challenging yourself. I kept a list of all the books I read last year, and I realized I was in a bit of a rut. I decided to challenge myself by reading Brian Green's "The Hidden Reality." He's an American theoretical physicist and string theory theorist, and his book is about different theoretical multi-universes. I'm going to have to read it twice, because it is very hard to wrap my mind around the physics. Although, the book is extremely well written for the lay person. Since I love sci fi books, I'll have to hunt down "Dark Matter." Recently I read Dean Koontz's "From the Corner of His Eye" which is about multiple universes. Quite a fascinating topic. Your winter birds are cute. I bet they are longing for spring to! Stay warm, my friend!

    1. Thanks for the Dean Koontz recommendation. I am currently watching The Man In the High Castle on amazon Prime about multiple universes. I'd like to try to read The Hidden Reality. it's a subject that I've often mulled over. At coffee one day we were talking about what our lives would have been like if we would have taken a different path or made a different decision.

    2. I bet you would enjoy it, Peggy! I've often mulled over this topic, myself, and it's a very comforting concept, because out there somewhere is a Louise who didn't make the major screws I have! LOL Although in this life I got Terry right! Have a good one!


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