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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Tennessee snow fun

winter tn 3

When there is this much snow in Tennessee it is cause for a celebration. The grandkids get out there first thing to enjoy that unusual occurrence. Of course it will melt soon so they make the best of it. winter tnThey get on their winter “duds” and off they go into the yard for a day of fun (which probably lasts a half an hour before they get too cold).
winter tn2Making a snow angel is a very rare thing for them. winter tn 4But they love it!  so did Selina!

winter tn 6winter tn 7


  1. I remember the days when I would play outside on snow days with my kids. Now I take a walk and head back in for hot tea and a muffin! Really a joy to see your grandchildren and grand-dog having so much fun!

  2. Pretty to look at...don't miss it... hee hee hee

  3. What a precious post capturing the essence of children and winter fun! The second to last photo of Selina is spectacular. There is something that grabs me when I look at it. Selina looks so alert and alive, and I find the composition compelling.


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