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Thursday, January 05, 2017



Are you a tea drinker? If you are I’ll bet you have a special teacup, mug, or pot that you prefer. There is nothing like the familiarity and comfort of drinking your daily cup of tea from a unique vessel. This tea set I call my “friendship tea”. The tray was given to me as a gift by my friend Aline. The teapot came from a treasured collection from my friend Kay who just passed in October. And the cup is so special because I bought it at Royal Copenhagen in Denmark while traveling with my best friend Yrsa.  How wonderful it is to sip and stare at those items and remember how important those friends are to me. 78f421a05fe8e35c31b6d665032a149e



  1. How beautifully your tea set comes together from the hearts of your friends. I know how sad you were to lose both Kay and Yrsa, and it's lovely to think of you enjoying tea warmed by their memories! Sending you a big hug, Peggy!


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