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Monday, January 16, 2017


The photo prompt for today is “childhood”. When you think of your childhood is there a particular moment that is frozen in time for you? My memories of my childhood are like pages flipped through a book. I do not have a wonderful photographic memory as some seem to have where they recall events in amazing detail. My memory is more like snatches. At five having a birthday party at my grandmother’s house and playing The Sky is Falling with all my friends there. My elementary years participating in programs at school. Being a tomboy and always loving to be outside with the gang. Flying like the wind on a horse racing my cousin.  Having a sweet sixteen party. Maybe all that accounts for me being an extrovert. If it wasn’t for photographs I wouldn’t remember my young years at all. They were happy and I was loved. All my memories are good ones. Who was that girl who spent the summer dressed in nothing but a bathing suit sitting in a tree playing Jane of the jungle? IMG_6886


  1. I agree! We recently watched some old home movies from when our kids were little (my brother-in-law is making digital copies) and I hardly remembered some of the scenes and events. It was a joy to re-live these moments just as you've done with your photograph above.

  2. my very young years are rather like yours. I just know I was happy. I remember making forts and building 'club houses' like in the little lulu comics! I remember loving those. and I loved 'I Love Lucy!' LOLOL.
    we moved so much that I played more like the marine... I was a tomboy too and climbed with the best of them.
    later I remember everything very well because I began keeping a journal when I was about 14. writing it all down seems to make memories indelible!
    love that picture of you at your party!

  3. I, too, love the picture of you at your party, Peggy! I had a wonderful childhood too. And I was definitely a tomboy, despite my Grandmother MacBeath's efforts to make me more ladylike. I was so glad when Donnie came along, and Nana could do all the girlie girl things with her! LOL Photographs help me remember things, as did moving a lot because every year I was somewhere different. Have a happy Sunday, dear friend!


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