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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

How I spent my Christmas vacation

It was going to be a lonely Christmas this year as I was staying at home for the first time in years by myself. I am family oriented and the idea of not being with family was just impossible for me so Christmas day Don and I traveled to southern Pennsylvania to stay a week with my son Chris. Part of that time I visited Fredericksburg, Virginia to be with my two younger sisters. We always like to get together as often as we can and I have a tradition of visiting in December. What fun we always have…eating, shopping, laughing, but this year was even more special. I got to meet a blogging friend. I follow a lot of blogs from my sidebar and I became acquainted with Donna Hopkins from Like Medicine for Me through a comment on Kim Klassen’s blog. I always am looking for good photographers to follow in order to learn from them and Donna had a unique perspective. She goes out every day and takes pictures and posts them along with commentary. She is a talented writer as well as photographer but what I especially like about her is that her pictures are ordinary every day things that you would see on a walk. And that is what makes them so interesting. In one of her pictures she mentioned Fredericksburg so I wrote her about it and discovered that she lived in my sister’s home town. We struck up a correspondence and when I knew I was coming to her town we decided to meet for lunch. The four of us meet at Foode, a local restaurant, and spent an hour chatting away.




The food was great and this is how they presented the check.  Donna is such a delightful, bubbly personality that we hit it off right away. And what’s even nicer is that she and my sister Linda are planning a walk later on this week.







I returned to Chris to spend New Year’s weekend with him and his family. Don had caught a bug earlier in the week and was sick and then New year’s Eve Chris became sick…then Michele….then Leah…all throwing up and feeling miserable. On New Year’s Day I quickly packed and got out of there before the bug could catch me and was bragging that I escaped from it only to find that yesterday it caught up with me and I spent the day not far from the bathroom.

  Hopefully today I can get back to normal. There is a lot to do when returning from a trip…laundry, putting things away…but add undecorating for Christmas on top of that and putting away things that I bought on my trip and presents, well…I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. And today I will meet girls in my high school class to play cards. One nice thing about retirement…you have time and don’t have to rush anything. things will get done.









  1. How about it!! Meeting Donna!! And...all of you shared it well during the holidays...so sad...

  2. I hope your family and you are 100% by now, Peggy! I'm working backwards as I catch up on your posts, so I wondered when I read Donna's comment if she was writing about you and your sisters. I love the photo of you two. I'm glad that you got to spend Christmas with your family.


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