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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lafayette….we are here

The 52 moment prompt for this week is Door. I chose a photo of my garage door. I love to travel, go places and see new things but it is always gratifying to come home and drive up my own driveway. I push the garage door opener and ease my car inside safe and sound. My father had a saying that he always uttered when arriving again back home “Lafayette, we are here”.

I didn’t  know what that saying means but my dad always said it when we arrived home. Linda has this saying on the door of her house. So I was curious and goggled it. Here is what I found. 

Lafayette was the French commander who came to the aid of the revolutionary forces during the War of Succession, called the War of Independence, from Great Britain. Washington and Congress promised him that they would return the assistance when it was needed. There was no US involvement during the French Revolution so when US troops finally arrived in France during WWI, this was their calling card. It was uttered by General Pershing's Aide.



  1. One of my greatest blessings is a warm garage, attached to the house, and a garage door opener. Over the years when I have been coming home in freezing rain, hard snow or even just rain when I would get to the car and the car door closed I would think I am home because the next time I opened that door I would step out into a warm, dry garage.

  2. That was so interesting about "finally being home"... I enjoyed that...��


  4. Are you getting my comments? I see a "reply delete" under my comments...all so in my emails, it's saying it's been blocked?? Not sure what that's about, I did have trouble signing in because I forgot my password...Go figured!

  5. That was a fascinating bit of history, Peggy! Thanks for sharing it!


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